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Delivering value to our clients

Christmas time is always busy for car dealerships, and the end of 2021 is no exception. From pent-up demand over the COVID lockdown periods, hundreds of newly licenced drivers, and the appeal of gifting loved ones and children with a brand new set of wheels for Christmas, 2021 is experiencing a boon in sales

But do people actually purchase more cars during the Christmas period? The answer is a resounding yes – particularly luxury cars. One study demonstrated that while luxury car sales comprised just 12% of sales throughout the year, that number rose to a gratifying 16% around December – a steep jump for a product with such high conversion value!

Having been in the industry for 10 years now, we’ve become acquainted with the fact that dealerships have many seasonal demands where business picks up – particularly around the December holidays.

Aside from the natural spike in Christmas sales, there also tends to be an increase of holiday marketing pushes and end-of-year price cuts to coincide with freeing up floor room for new inventory.

Increased Demand requisites increased Supply:

Auto Freight has witnessed firsthand the annual surge in demand for reliable fleet vehicle transportation interstate and between metros so that dealerships can stock up as needed.

The mass transportation of expensive, cumbersome assets between locations in this frantic space of time can seem like a massive undertaking for dealerships – but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where Auto Freight steps in.

With our experience and depots located nation-wide, Auto Freight is well-equipped to carry wholesale fleets across Australia and straight to dealers’ doors on demand. We’ve established a clear-cut process for delivering vehicles en masse safely and on time during these seasonal spikes in business.

Stress-Free Deliveries this holiday season – Leave it to us:

Explain the situation, and we’ll work out the logistics. From metropolitan, to interstate, we get truckloads of cars from one door to another headache-free.

Delivered Fast:

Timing product arrival and closing deals is crucial to dealerships, and timing for Christmas and bringing new stock into the new year is no exception. We have an array of trucks and experts ready to go. Simply book a date and expect your deliveries to be processed quickly and show up on time.

Highly Recommended – Great Referrals:

We’re a homegrown Aussie business with our finger on the pulse of our community’s needs. When our drivers hit the roads, they always go the extra mile for our clients. Take a look at our testimonials from years of satisfied customer referrals. If your dealership is experiencing the Christmas crunch, get in touch. Auto Freight’s trucks are raring to go.